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Aging Out

Short Play, Comedy

Ron, and elderly man, is having a serious conversation with his long time sex worker Skip about aging and being an elderly gay man in a youth focused culture. Ron's own shallowness results in unexpected consequences for Skip.

Beyond our World

Full-length Play, Tragedy

A series of stories inspired by real events of children who die due to negligence. It is a heart wrenching series with touching moments to help us understand and see the warmth that has been lost.


Short Play, Comedy

A young couple are discussing his family's celebrations and her skepticism that everything needs to be celebrated. Her concern of the annual celebrations commemorating the boy's bris is particularly cutting.

Five Foot Six & A Half Inch

Short Play, Comedy

Felicia's husband, Nick, discovers he is a half inch taller than he thought so decides to make changes. Felicia makes changes of her own, leaving him not as tall as he thought.

Love's Love

Short Play, Comedy

A young couple recounts how she almost married her fathers employee when she was 15. In fact she was using her agreement to marry to trick her father and then marry her current, and entirely unsuitable, boyfriend. It’s about marriage, and what is family.

Mr. Bassett

Short Play, Horror

Does evil really exist, or is it something humans create? Ron is a young forensic psychologist who turns to his former teacher to help him come to terms with a horrific and inexplicable murder.
This is a delightfully scary short play that is perfect for sending halloween chills.

No Big Deal

One-Act Play, Drama

A young woman is sexually touched on a bus. She, her boyfriend, and the perpetrator each explain their reaction. A frank examination of what we accept in these conditions and what is, always, a big deal.

No Wifi

Short Play, Comedy

There is an expectation that wifi is, and should be, available. This restaurant patron seems to misunderstand the correct rules of behaviour when things don't match his expectations. Or he could just be a nut job - it's difficult to tell when there's no wifi...

Purely Personal

Short Play, Comendy

A senior manager takes her young male employee out to lunch and implies a promotion if he has sex with her. She never explicitly states anything, so it is very vague, till he agrees. It is a comic play that isn’t really funny.


Short Play, Horror

A mentally ill man is holding forth about the dangers that are present in his life. It’s not clear if the person he is talking to is real or not. It examines the mind of a mentally ill person.

Terminal App

Short Play, Heartwarming Comedy

An executive is given 6 months to live. She is introduced to a man through a dating app for the terminally ill. They hit it off. It’s about a celebration of life while the person is still living.

The Dance Teacher

Full-Length Play, Suspense Drama

A dance teacher in a small town is accused of sexual interference with a minor. Did he do it? Was he coerced? Two detectives try and find out what exactly was the role of the dance teacher?

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